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All On 4

All On 4

What is All On 4?

All-on-4 is a dental prosthesis that is supported by 4 implants and can be pleaced to both the lower and upper jaws. It has been developed as a solution to reduce the number of implants, simplify treatment and ensure the fixation of total prostheses. All on four technique is widely used in patients who have lost all their teeth in the jaw and suffer from prostheses.

With the improvements in modern dentistry treatment methods, it is possible to replace lost teeth and bring the permanent teeth back. In cases of jawbone thinning and missing all the teeth both in upper and lower jaw, it is possible to make a fix prosthesis with All on 4 implant system to the patient on the same day through 4 implants placed in the jawbone.

What Are The Advantages of All On 4?

 The biggest advantages of All on 4 technique is being stable, offering excellent chewing efficiency, restoring oral aesthetics and relieving the patient psychologically. Additionally, the advantages of all on four implant treatment can be listed as follows:

All-on-4 implant treatment is less traumatic as it eliminates the need for bone grafting.

Cost of the procedure is lower as the number of implants decreases.

The surgical procedure is very simplified and short compared to other procedures.

Fixed prosthesis can be inserted immediately (and may be temporary or permanent depending on the patient’s condition). It allows the treatment of patients with diabetes, osteoporosis or generally not suitable for bone grafting.

Eliminates discomfort and insecurity of removable dental prosthesis.

How are the surgery processes of All on 4?

First of all, detailed clinical examination of the patient is carried out by a dentist who specialized in this area. Then, the most appropriate planning is made for the patient through dental tomography. Prostheses are prepared according to the measurement taken from patient. The surgical process phase begins after local anesthesia and if there are teeth that need to be pulled, they will be pulled out and implants are placed. The prosthesis is placed onto these implants.

Is All on 4 suitable for every patient?

The aim of All on 4 implant therapy is to maximize existing bone use and minimize the need for bone grafting. Therefore, it is widely used in patients who have lost all their teeth in one jaw, patients who suffer from prostheses and have difficulty adapting to the new prosthesis.

It can be used in both the upper and lower jaws and is ideal for patients who do not have the necessary conditions for placement of conventional dental implants. For each case, your physician’s treatment, evaluation and advice about the best technique are very important.

Although All on four technique is applicable to everyone, it is recommended to place the implants after the end of body growth, that is, from the end of puberty. All on 4 implants are not suitable for children and young people who are still developing.

Systemic conditions, mouth and bone structure, behavioral habits are important in decision making.