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What is fibre post?

A fiber post, in dentistry, refers to a type of dental post used in restorative procedures. Dental posts are used to provide support and retention for a dental crown (cap) after a tooth has undergone root canal treatment or has been significantly damaged.

A fiber post is typically made of a composite material reinforced with fibers, such as glass or quartz. These posts are designed to mimic the natural flexural properties of dentin (the hard tissue beneath the enamel) more closely than traditional metal posts. The flexibility of fiber posts can help reduce the risk of root fractures compared to rigid metal posts.

The process of using a fiber post generally involves preparing the tooth, placing the post into the root canal space, and then bonding it in place using dental adhesive materials. After the post is securely in place, a dental crown is typically placed over the remaining tooth structure to restore its shape, function, and aesthetics.

The choice of post material depends on various factors, including the specific clinical situation, the tooth’s location, and the dentist’s preference. Fiber posts are often favored for their ability to provide adequate support while minimizing stress on the remaining tooth structure.